Given the gap in the availability of quality of life services for single parent families battling a cancer diagnosis, it is essential that we, as a community and province, address this issue in the shortest delay.

Daryl’s Angel Network envisions a province where single parents no longer feel alone during cancer treatment, but are resilient, less stressed and, hopefully, recover quickly.   D-A-N also hopes to provide opportunities for young children, who have a parent with cancer, to get excellent care at home, feel less anxious and are able to share their feelings in a safe environment. Daryl’s Angel Network also envisions a large, active, engaged community of trained caregivers, funders, and volunteers taking pride in supporting these families. D-A-N will focus its’ efforts on fundraising activities to assist single parents who are battling cancer and who have young children. Fundraising activities will include but are not limited to the following:

  • Annual Golf Tournament
  • Annual Garage Sale
  • Cycling events
  • Bowling events
  • Campaigning for donations from individuals
  • Campaigning for donations from corporations
  • Other activities to be confirmed